1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

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Stately Navy over Silver exterior with gorgeous Grey hides  ... Ice cold air conditioning ... No expense spared on care ... One meticulous owner since 1972 ... Interesting history ...




Rolls Royce


Silver Cloud II


6.2 Liter V-8


4-Speed Automatic




Classic Car Facts

Stately Navy over Silver exterior with gorgeous Grey hides  … Ice cold air conditioning … No expense spared on care … One meticulous owner since 1972 … Interesting history …

The year was 1972.  Tommy, and his good friend, who was also named Tommy, had just returned from a trip to England.  Naturally, both gentlemen were excited.  And who wouldn’t be, with the souvenirs they had procured on their journey?  While in London, they paid a visit to the countryside estate of Mr. Wellington, from whom they purchased two items that would ensure they would never forget this trip—a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II and a 1959 Bentley Silver Cloud.

And then they waited … and waited … and waited.  Yes, their cars had made it to the dock, but England’s national dock strike of 1972 ensured that they would remain an ocean apart for almost a year!  However, the best things in life are worth waiting for, and such was the case with Tommy’s Rolls Royce.

Once it arrived in 1973, Tommy delighted in driving the car daily in good weather for the next two years, thereafter using it as an occasional pleasure car.  A travelling shoe salesman, he would fill the trunk of the Rolls with sample cases of high-end shoes and hit the open road, calling on customers across the United States on many business trips.  When people saw the stately navy and silver Rolls coming their way, they knew who it was.  In fact, Tommy used it as a promotional tool for his shoe business, featuring the Rolls in trade magazine advertisements throughout the 1970s.

This Rolls was beloved and well cared for.  Imagine Tommy’s surprise in 1973 when he took it to Rolls Royce of Columbus for its initial oil change under his ownership— the bill came to $175!  But Tommy recognized that the best of cars require the best of care—a philosophy that continued for almost four decades to the present day.  Always serviced at Rolls Royce dealerships or by Rolls Royce specialists, if something needed to be tended to—it was—and promptly.  In fact, maintenance and restoration receipts from the past 6,000 miles totaled over $43,000.  Recent restoration work undertaken on this well maintained car includes the following:

•  Exterior paintwork                                                $14,000

•  Interior inlaid woodwork refinishing                    3,000
•  Interior leather hides refurbishment                     3,000
•  Air conditioning service and compressor           4,000
•  Front and rear brake service                                   4,000
•  Overhaul  of master and brake cylinders             3,000

Restoration and maintenance was primarily entrusted to Crestmont Cadillac Rolls-Royce, Rolls Royce of Columbus, Berea Motor Works, and GRK Rolls Royce Interiors, Ltd.  A summary of work performed will be provided upon request, and detailed invoices will be provided to the next owner of this car.

Whether showing or touring is your pleasure, this car is up to the task, running and driving as beautifully as it looks.  Its original 6.2 liter V8 engine, having 106,000 miles, moves the car with smoothness and authority—with horsepower that Rolls Royce rates as “adequate.”  Given the care, maintenance, and first rate restoration work performed through the years, this car will satisfy for years to come.

And what else can be said for the interior of this car, other than that one glance will convince you that Rolls Royce sets the bar in terms of luxury and quality.  From the burled oak and walnut inlaid wood trim on its doors, dashboard, and folding trays and its soft grey leather hides, to its velvety navy headliner, the interior is nothing less than sumptuous.  With its quality materials, sculpted lines, and world class craftsmanship, this car is nothing less than a work of art.

Although Tommy did, indeed, find that good things in life are worth the wait, chances are that you won’t have to wait as long as he did to begin enjoying this car.  Please call today.