2006 Saleen S281 SC Mustang

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29,900 miles ... Supercharged Production #06-0368 ... Satin Silver ... Dark Charcoal leather ... 5-speed ... 476 HP ... 435 ft-lbs torque ... One of 11 so equipped ...






Saleen S281 SC Mustang


4.6 Liter V8


5-Speed Manual




Classic Car Facts

There is, perhaps, no car on the road that better marries race car and road car than the spectacular cars turned out by Steve Saleen’s legendary plant in Troy, Michigan.  With his lifelong passion for racing and speed, and an engineering and design know-how spanning decades, there is no question that the cars rolling out of his shop are a force to be reckoned with.

One such car is this 2006 Saleen S281 SC.  Having just 29,900 miles, this supercharged, 5-speed coupe is one of only 11 SC coupes so equipped in Satin Silver.  Entering Saleen’s shop as a Mustang GT, this car exited as a 476 HP/435 ft-lbs supercharged beast capable of launching you to 60 MPH in just 4.6 seconds, and reaching a quarter mile in the high 12s.  Saleen powertrain and chassis enhancements include the following:

  • Saleen Series VI integrated screw type supercharger  
  • Dual stage water to air intercooled system  
  • Saleen “Powerflash” performance calibration 
  • Differential gear ratio 3.55:1 
  • Saleen twin gauge pod; boost and air temperature  
  • Saleen performance air filter 
  • Saleen 2 ½” performance center exhaust system
  • Saleen specific rate front and rear springs 
  • Saleen front struts (N2)  
  • Saleen rear shocks (N2) 
  • Saleen front sway bar and pivot bushings 
  • High performance tires 275/35ZR20 (Front) 275/35ZR20 (Rear) 
  • Saleen seven spoke wheels 20″ x 9″ (Front) 20″ x 9″ (Rear) 
  • Saleen 14” Brake System standard

Cosmetics did not go ignored on this car at the expense of performance, resulting in a car that not only performs, but looks the part.  Body modifications include the following:

  • Saleen design hood with heat ventilation 
  • Saleen front aero ducting
  • Saleen design injection molded TPO front fascia 
  • Saleen design injection molded TPO side skirts and door cladding 
  • Saleen design injection molded TPO rear fascia  
  • Saleen design front grille  
  • Saleen integrated front turn signals 
  • Saleen center body panel (rear) 
  • Saleen design rear spoiler and end caps 
  • Saleen design rear wing 
  • Saleen design quarter window panel

You’ll also appreciate the uniqueness of its sporty interior, including the following modifications and features:

  • Saleen leather sport seats with louvered head rest 
  • Saleen 200 MPH speedometer with black faced gauges 
  • Saleen design dash vents and bezels 
  • Saleen steering wheel badge 
  • Saleen performance driving pedals with driver foot brace 
  • Saleen close ratio shifter 
  • Saleen shift knob
  • Saleen door sill plates  
  • Saleen S281 graphics and identification 
  • Saleen windshield graphic 
  • Saleen fender badge   
  • Saleen serialized engine bay plaque 
  • Saleen serialized bumper number 
  • Saleen serialized dash plaque 
  • Saleen championship wreath 
  • Saleen S281 custom floor mats 
  • Saleen key fob  
  • Saleen owners document portfolio and warranty guide

You’ll also appreciate this car’s Shaker stereo with 6-disc changer.

Other Saleen upgrades include chrome wheel and tire upgrade and Saleen high density headlamps.  This car also benefits from over $4,500 of recent performance upgrades including 39 lb injectors, 1.75 offroad X-pipe, cold air kit, and vacuum line upgrade kit.

This Saleen was originally sold out of Landers Ford on Collierville, Tennessee and comes complete with authentication papers signed by Steve Saleen.  Also included with this dealer-maintained car is a clean CarFax report.

If an ultra-high performance Saleen with the added benefit of rarity is what you desire, this S281 SC is the car for you.